What is TubeVerts?

TubeVerts is an advertising video platform that pays you to interact with video advertisers.
Video advertisers purchase video ads in our system. We then deliver those videos to proven valuable users, and provide those users with instant cash incentives to interact with the video advertiser.
Our method of communication is both direct and powerful! That, combined with our value targeting systems, help advertisers stop wasting their money on junk traffic. To instead target individuals proven capable of affording what they have to offer. And in turn enabling us to provide those users with worthwhile rewards for their time and attention.
We're the Paid To Watch that pays dollars!

How Does TubeVerts Works?

TubeVerts Is A Very Simple Program.
You Simply Deposit funds Then Purchase $10 AdPacks.
Now You Are Going To Receive Daily Cash Rewards.
You must watch your 10 Daily Paid Videos to receive your Cash Rewards to your Account Balance.
Daily Cash Reward ratio is 1.2% for normal members and 1.6% for Premium members for 100 weekdays.
You can Withdraw your Daily Cash Rewards everyday or you can buy adpacks for compounding your daily rewards.

Can I view multiple Paid Videos at the same time?

No. If you attempt to view Paid Videos simultaneously, the first will be automatically expired in an effort to prevent abuse. Advertisers are paying for your attention, please give it to them!

Handling Errors (without forfeiting the Paid Videos)

If you encounter an error whilst viewing a Paid Video, for example the continue button won\'t submit, you get logged out, or you try to view two Paid Videos at the same time, and the system returns an error (as it thinks you\'re cheating). In order to not forfeit the Paid Video, you need to do as follows:

1. Close the popup displaying the Paid Video.

2. Return to your Paid Videos page. Here you will be able to click "View This Video" again. Then as the timer hits 30 seconds everything should work and you\'ll get paid.

What is the minimum cashout?

The minimum cashout amount is $10.00. Withdrawals Are Processed Within 24 Hours. You Can Withdraw Your Account Balance Anytime You Have Over $10. You Cannot Withdraw Purchase Balance. We accept cashouts via Payeer, Bitcoin and Ether.

How much commission do I earn?

You will earn 10% of all Adpack purchases your referrals make, both now and in the future. So if your referral buys $100 worth of adpacks, you will earn an instant $10 commision.

Also you will earn 10% affiliate commissions when they upgrade.

Referral commissions are credited to your account balance instantly. And are immediately available for withdrawal. Your referral link can be found on the Promote page.

What is Bonus Videos?

Bonus Videos are the way to earn money for free. 50 Bonus Videos will be created with each new Adpack purchased. If someone buys a $100 Adpack, it will create 50 Bonus Video Ads that total $2 value and will be issued to random 50 members.

Is there a limit to the number of referrals I can have?

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can have. No upgrades or deposits are required of any kind. Just refer a friend, and you will earn cash commissions as they either purchase video advertising, and upgrade. No strings attached.

I have more questions?

Please write us on Support page or live chat. We will be happy to help you. Thank you.

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